• Finally, a balanced formula with no sunflower seeds to pick out and fill up on. VitaSmart is a great foundational food for conures and parrots. With more fruits and vegetables than ever, like papaya, and pineapple, this species-specific parrot and conure food provides complete nutrition made with top-quality ingredients. This mix contains no added sugar, just simple ingredients formulated to please your parrot or conure's palate. Along with grains, seeds, fruits, and veggies, VitaSmart contains unique ingredients such as dried chamomile flowers, dried egg and dried rose hips. Vitakraft has also added probiotics and fructooligosaccharide for normal digestive processes, and Omega fatty acids, including DHA, for brain, heart, plumage, and joint health. This blend contains almonds, pine nuts, and chili peppers, a favorite of parrots and conures. Antioxidant nutrients are included to support a normal immune system. VitaSmart addresses nutrition your parrot or conure needs and loves.

  • Contains guaranteed probiotic levels to support health digestion
  • Includes Omega fatty acids, including the powerful Omega-3- DHA for overall wellness of all body systems
  • Contains no sunflower seeds, which can increase fat content
  • Peak health formula with amino acids, protein, calcium & key vitamins
  • Food supplement for canaries, finches, parakeets & all other pet birds
  • Add to daily diet for additional nutrition
  • Supports immune, digestion, skin & feather health
  • Made in Germany

Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food Daily Supplement for Pet Birds 1.1lb

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