Birds are such messy eaters! If you don’t like what dropped seed does to your grass, if you want to attract more ground feeders like Cardinals and Doves, and if you don’t like to waste any seed, then you will definitely be very happy to have a Seed Buster bird feeder in your yard.

You'll never need to throw away our feeders!  A piece breaks, you lose a part, or a squirrel damages something on your feeder? Nothing to worry about. All our products come with a Brome Lifetime Care. Just give us a call, and we’ll send you a replacement part.

Seed Buster Tray Feeder and Seed Catcher

SKU: UPC#: 628209102013
  • Product Data

    • Large 20" diameter and 2" depth catches and holds seed
    • Fits all 1" and 7/8" poles
    • Tray format attracts additional bird traffic
    • Rolled tray edge designed for perching birds
    • Drainage holes keep seed drier
    • Made from UV filtered recyclable durable resin
    • Adjustable collars allow for unlimited height positioning
    • Split trays allow for easy removal and cleaning
    • Unlimited CUPC#: 628209102013Case UPC#: 10628209102010Shipping Dim: 11.00D x 4.00W x 21.00HIn Use Dim: 11.00D x 4.00W x 21.00HWeight:3.00 lbIn Stock: 55Model: BD1020Manufacturer: Brome Bird Careustomer Care

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