Prevue Coffeawood Tree Mini Table Top Small Prevue Pet Products Coffeawood Java Tree Minis Small Table Top Playstand 22633 is a sustainably harvested, 100% natural wood product from the Coffeawood/Java tree.� Allow your bird to play and explore as it would in the forest by climbing and perching among the gnarled branches.� Each Minis tabletop playstand has multiple levels and is a unique and one-of-a-kind product, no two trees are alike! With a smaller branch diameter, our Small Model is perfect for smaller birds like finch, canary, love bird and budgie.� With one dual food/water cup and two eye screws for hanging toys, these trees have branches ranging from 3/16’’ – 13/16’’ in diameter and a height range of 13 3/4’’ to 18’’ tall.�

Prevue Coffeawood Tree Mini Table Top Small

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