Designed for your bird’s comfort, the JW Pet InSight Sand Bird Perch Swing is super sturdy easy to install. It’s thicker at the ends and slender in the middle to give your bird’s feet a workout with different grip sizes. The natural sand feel is part of the mold, which helps keep your bird’s nails healthy with normal wear. Choose the small perch swing for parakeets and other small birds or the regular size for cockatiels and similarly sized birds.

Key Benefits

  • Varying diameters on perch for exercising your bird's feet
  • Easy to remove and install on cage's ceiling wire
  • Durable and specially designed for comfort
  • Rough texture of sand provides an excellent surface for normal wear of your bird's nails
  • Small perch swing is ideal for parakeets and other small birds and regular size is ideal for cockatiels and similarly sized birds

JW Insight Sand Perch Swing

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